It was a room high above the city, an island of space and
time where five men planned to give themselves over to
the mysteries ingrained in the womb.  In their hearts they
had become brothers—within the privacy of four walls
they would be five nervous men on the threshold of an
age-old fantasy.  Together in secrecy they would explore
the compatibility of their minds and bodies, knowing very
little of each other, yet more than the rest of the world
would ever know.

FIVE MARRIED MEN ... from chapter 11

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Ethan looked at the Luger, dazed.  He could see it in his own hand,
feel its deadly weight; yet it still took a few moments to catch up
with the changing events.  Then it dawned on him.  This German
was determined to win their trust.  Ethan lifted his eyes and saw a
disarming smile.  He stared, and in spite of the uniform, the image
of an enemy infantryman melted away.  Again he saw a man,
well-trimmed blond hair, narrow face and nose, and those thin
smiling lips that electrified his personality; a man in whose chest
beat a heart just like his own.  He saw an alert posture and clear
white skin that suddenly seemed warm and supple.  Then the
image of this same man standing nude came to his mind,
humiliated, angry and in pain; the man that had stirred instincts
long ago born, long ago recognized and affirmed.
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