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David leaned forward in his chair, unable to relax with such an
exquisite visual close enough to reach out and touch.  Had he ever
seen a man so remarkably attuned to his own body?  It was a
delight for the eyes, the symmetry of his shoulders and chest, his
narrow hips, his long willowy legs and his unique penis with its ever
present aphrodisia.  David wondered, under these circumstances,
how Tim managed to avoid an erection; giving rise to the question
whether a man looked more sensual soft or erect.  It was a
question he had never pondered, though with his lingering gaze he
realized the effect of seeing Tim soft.  Ah, yes . . . soft, to be sure,
for visual effect anyway, the color slightly darker than the rest of
the body, the bobble and sway; a subtle anomaly between a man’s
legs that draws one’s eyes to that part of his body.  Soft, yes—the
pure and disarming allure of a man free of distraction.  Erect meant
business that needed tending.

FIVE MARRIED MEN . . . from Chapter 11
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Standing tentatively against the fast water, Ethan lathered up
quickly.  Adrienne watched him through the reeds, wondering what
motivated this magnificent American to voluntarily risk his life for
France.  For that reason alone she wanted his friendship.  It was
obvious he had a fine sense of humor, refreshing compared to the
string of moody Frenchmen she had been involved with over the
years.  Intrigued by the contrast of white soap on his black skin,
she watched him raise each arm to wash underneath, then bend
over to run his soapy hands down each leg.  Yes, she might enjoy
knowing a man that was so pleasant to look at, with whom she
could talk without fretting over the psychological impact of every

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