There are images in photographs and on film and those put down by pen or brush, but
none can inspire us like the human form, in this case the male.  Over time, I hope to build
this collection celebrating the human male body.  If you are an artist or manage a gallery,
please feel free to contact me with your work or ideas.  What I'm looking for are images
that capture subtle nuances and beauty of the male form.  The collection begins with Von
Gloeden, a turn of the century photographer gifted with amazing talent.
Wilhelm Von Gloeden
Considering all the images I've looked at in my
lifetime, I've never seen the unfettered magic of
coming of age captured so sensually as by the
imagination behind Von Gloeden's camera.  
Timeless in scope, he inspires us to look back to the
days of our youth and allows us to wonder what
might have been.  More than youthful images, it's
the settings he captured them in, their emotions,
their intensity, their awakening to the forces that
make us alive.
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The Male Form
Adrienne leaned forward and looked towards
the sky.  It was another beautiful summer night,
the kind of night that so often inspired romance,
much better spent in the arms of the lover than
what they were doing.  It saddened her to think
about it.  What good are nights like this when
they make you dream and your dreams just
make you lonely?  She tilted her head out the
window and looked skyward.  The heavens
were a deep black void cast with the twinkle of a
million stars, an endless wonder shrouding the
land with that long wait for a new dawn.  A few
errant clouds, luminescent in their southerly
drift, were passing beneath the moon as if
oblivious to the blight that lay over France.  
Lovely they were, and on their way, she felt
certain, to Paris.
From THE PARTISANS, Chapter 16